Formal Shirts To Impress In Interviews

Published: 02nd June 2010
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An interview is a stressful, nerve wracking experience where you are given a short period of time to make a positive impression on your would-be employers. In this short amount of time, not only have you to impress the interviewer with words but just as importantly with what you are wearing. We live in a world where we judge books by their covers, therefore it is imperative to make sure you are wearing the proper attire. One popular fashion mistake for interviewees is wearing the formal shirt to the interview. Often, this is where people go wrong but here is guide to sure you wear the correct men's formal shirts that will give you confidence to succeed in the interview.


As casual clothes allow for more flexibility, there is no quarter given when it comes to formal attire. You have to get the formal shirt perfectly right or the consequences will be severe. There are various styles of fashion shirts on the market right now. However, the sensible bespoke look for such an occasion as this is a well fitted, slim fit formal shirt. Interviewers do not want to see possible candidates in a baggy shirt, as this will come across as untidy and disorganised. Slim fit formal shirts hug the body ensuring there is no excess material hanging out, thus offering the impression of being prepared and in control.


The colour of mens formal shirts is key to trying to land that dream job. You want your shirt to grab the attention of the interviewer. You want the interviewer to remember you once you have left the building. White is the safest shade you could choose for the interview. White would suit the occasion just fine, however a white formal shirt is just a little boring. This may be a little too conservative so a striped shirt will be your ideal choice. Striped and pin striped formal shirts are exciting, and with a touch a colour will certainly grab the interviewer's attention. A blue and white pin striped shirt is the winning combination as this is not too outgoing nor is it too ordinary.


Make sure the size is correct as a formal shirt that is too small will expose too much of the wrists. One should avoid wearing tight collared slim fit shirts, as these will make you look untidy and may stifle you once worn with a tie. So, make sure the collar and sleeves are just right and comfortable to wear.


Maintenance of the attire is extremely important. This is a basic error but a very common one. Make sure it appears well ironed and devoid of any creases. One cannot make a worse impression than attending a formal interview in a creased shirt.

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